Monday, May 6, 2013

Infantino Fresh Squeeze System Review

I have received The Fresh Squeezed Collection from Infantino to facilitate my review. I love this product because it makes kids excited about making their own food. Simple packaging, instructions and a magnet that you can put on any magnetic surface to remind you how long the pouches will last in the fridge (48hrs) and freezer (12months). I would recommend making your pouches in bulk and freezing them. The Peppy Puree works just as well as The Baby Bullet by Magic Bullet. The Infantino spoon attachment and reusable pouches make it so you can easily introduce baby’s first foods with this product. Pros: Great bonding time for parents and kids during snack time or mealtime. You know what your children are eating. It’s perfect for the picky eaters of the family because they can make their pouches and get excited about the food making process. Great for on the go, especially with a 9month old! You can use the spoon attachment, but my son had no trouble using it without. You can purchase all items separately. Cons: The system only comes with one food press to push your purees into the pouches and it is not purchasable separately. Which defeats the purpose of having three spots to do food pouches. When taking the pouches out after filling them they tend to get stuck a bit making switching the pouches out from one to the next a bit messy, but if you are doing this with your kids make a mess and have fun!

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