About Me

My name is Alyssa and I am a first time mom. My boyfriend Eddie and I are proud first time parents and could not be happier. Julian was indeed a surprise to both of us, but a well enjoyed one~! I never imagined I would become a cloth diapering, baby wearing, and breastfeeding mother! To say the least I feel like a green mother. No, I am not a hardcore every mother should be this way type of mother, so don't worry! I think parenting comes in all styles and no two are the same. Julian so far has been a very easy child to raise. I mean we did laugh him out after all and that was not how I imagined giving birth. I'm sure I can contribute my thoughts of child birthing to hollywood blockbusters. (i.e. What to expect when expecting, Knocked Up, Friends with Kids, Labor and Delivery the T.V. show and well you get the idea!) Anyways, welcome to my ramblings of raising my son and from time to time product reviews, workout routines, life pondering and baby bear wrangling! Hopefully some giveaways from time to time also! 

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