Monday, May 19, 2014

It's a girl!

Baby Bear number two is a girl!! We announced on Facebook last week, but I've been so busy I forgot to post it to the blog! 
I originally posted a game to reveal the sex of the baby! Here is that! 

Eddie wanted a little boy, but I had a feeling it was a girl! Olivia June is the name we had picked out before finding out it was a girl and in the waiting room. After the sonogram was done, Eddie found an Olivia the pig book! Oh, the irony! 
 I am just over the moon that we get to be blessed with a girl this time! 
 Here are some baby bump pictures to catch everyone up! 

I should do a 20 weeks picture, but that's not till Wednesday! :). 
Half way done and surprised to find this pregnancy is going by faster than the first! Maybe because we didn't find out till about 9weeks and I chase after a toddler daily! Anyways, that's an update of exciting news from our bear den! Kind of skipped over Mother's Day, sorry! Just super excited about sister bear! :D 

Any exciting news with your family? How was Mother's Day for everyone?

~Mama Bear Alyssa  


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