Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I am sorry

This last week I lost my grandmother Vicki and did not find out till Sunday she had passed. I know she is in a better place and I am happy knowing that. Unfortunately, I am left with a sense of anger towards myself for not visiting her more often. I didn't realize until this elderly gentleman fell in front of the coffee shop yesterday, how much it upset me she passed away. I called the ambulance as he stayed laying on the ground. It seriously scared the hell out of me and made me think about my grandparents. My grandfather also was in the hospital last week because of irregular heart rhythms. He is doing okay now, but had they not caught it in time. He might have suffered a heart attack or blood clot.

Moments in life are scary sometimes and I am a very emotional person. Which is funny since I hate crying!

Anyways, I didn't mean to be such a debbie downer today in my post, but I had to get it out. On the brighter side of life. I am scheduling to retake my mBlex test which will make me a LMT! The only problem it costs $195 to take the test, so I am hoping I do not fail it again. I like to think things happen at the time they do for a reason. Hopefully waiting will be worth it.

This little baby bear makes coming home from work and life worth it! So glad I have tomorrow off.

How does your family handle loss?


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