Sunday, June 2, 2013

Baby Bear is a vampire!

Julian has been cutting teeth these last few weeks and now he has baby fangs! No front teeth yet, so it's really humorous to say the least! 

Can you see the fang? It's the best I could get. I can't say he makes for a happy baby when I exit the room though. I still am nursing him, so he has been nursing more frequently because of teething. Also he has entered into a cling to mama stage. Thank goodness for the ergo baby carrier or else I'd get nothing done around the house lately.

Also Follow up on little bears shutterfly photo book. We got it, but it was dented. :( 

Not sure how it would've happened, but the company has already sent out a new one! They said to discard the current one carefully. Overall their customer service was quick at responding and I'm very happy about that! I should branch out and try a different product other than the photo books next time. 

Back to this little guy now~! 

Have a good weekend!


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